Chris Thomson

Photographer & Director

Chris Thomson was born & educated in the UK

He started his career as a photo assistant in a studio in Chelsea, London in 1970

In 1974 he set up his own studio in London  shooting Ad campaigns on large format & began to develop his distinct style of lighting & composition. Chris’s work has evolved from Studio to shooting mainly on location overseas for press campaigns & billboards for clients including Alcohol,Vehicles & Swimwear.

He also has shot calendars for many International companies such as Heineken,BMW as well as Glamour Calendars and became known as the “Calendar King” Chris has gained recognition in the industry

with awards for his photography and also his calendar work.

Chris’s client list includes major international Advertising Agencies -Saatchi & Saatchi, McCanns, Leo Burnett

and DMB&B and he began directing TV Commercials with Sierra Film Production Company in London

as a Film Director & D.P. shooting commercials for Black & White Whisky, Hair shampoo &

Oil of Olay for Proctor & Gamble.  In 1986 Chris published his first book on Photography containing portfolio & personal images, this was in association with ZOOM in Paris/France.

OLYMPUS Cameras also began to sponsor Chris to promote their Cameras & lenses.

Chris Thomson now operates as an indipendant Film Director also shooting music videos

for recording artists and works internationally

Chris contributes regularly to the media with articles on creative Imagery.

His images appear on magazine covers and bookstands worldwide


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